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Feeling stuck with family and work obligations? Gain confidence. Reclaim control over your time. Advance your career. Rediscover your joy.

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Are you feeling stretched too thin?

People from all aspects of your life rely on you. You don’t just get things done, you do them well. As a result, you’ve become the go-to person when anyone needs help.

Early on, you managed it all so well. But, as your family, network, and reputation grew, so did the responsibilities and the demands made on you. And, because you’re kind, you have a hard time saying no.

It’s no wonder, you may be thinking…

  • This is too much. Something’s gotta give.
  • I want something else but I don’t know where to start.
  • I don’t have time to change things up. I’m too tired to figure this out.

You don’t need a makeover. You just need some tweaks.

You’re at a life junction–a moment in time when responsibilities and demands clash with goals and desires. You don’t need to change who you are. You just need some strategic adjustments in what you’re doing.

As a life coach, I’ve helped…

  • High-achievers and selfless caregivers who were once burned out figure out what they want for themselves and take the steps to pursue it
  • Mothers who had left successful careers to care for their children reenter the workforce and build satisfying careers
  • Women overcome fear and guilt and finally start creative projects they’ve been longing to do
  • Female entrepreneurs and executives continue to advance while also creating time to enjoy their success

Hi, I’m Stacy!

For many years, I studied how employees juggle work and family and what employers and policymakers can do to help as a research scientist at the Families and Work Institute and at Columbia University’s Center for Children and Families.

Now, I put those findings into practice. I coach talented and caring women who like to achieve “work-life balance.” I also work with organizations to train and retain top female talent through speaking and executive coaching.

I’ve helped hundreds of women and I’d love to help you.

How I help

Courses & Workshops

Learn how to build confidence, manage time, or figure out your next career move. Stacy always provides concrete tips to get you started right away.

Private Coaching

For the fastest results, work one-on-one with Stacy. Identify your first action steps to start feeling less overwhelmed and energized to live a life you love.

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“I do not know when I have attended a lecture as meaningful and useful to me personally and professionally as this one…Her wise and approachable presence was a pleasure to experience.”

Mental Health Professional and Mom of Two, NY

“Stacy was able to zero in on what I needed to do and suggest small, tangible steps. It is amazing what these small steps did to immediately improve my outlook on life!”

Small Business Owner & Mom of Two, NY

“Stacy is always sharing the wisdom I would not get otherwise. It is like having someone filtering… information… and selecting the thought, book, [or] idea that is just right for me.”

Consultant in Health Care, NJ