13 Lessons in 13 Years of Coaching Smart Women

coaching smart women for 13 years
Photo by Bellava G on Unsplash

Life Junctions is 13 years old.

“Life junctions” are where all of the things you care about come together. There are moments in our lives where those things that matter, like work and family, conflict. My mission is to help talented and caring women like you navigate those moments, so that you can continue to move forward and do all of the loving, amazing things you do.

Lessons from coaching smart women

Here are key lessons I’ve learned from all of my conversations:

  1. Baby steps are better than leaps not taken.
  2. Don’t ignore your negative emotions. They’ll take charge when you least expect it.
  3. No one has it all.
  4. Women need something of their own.
  5. One human being cannot be another’s everything. People need people.
  6. Confidence comes not from perfection but from practice.
  7. Happiness is not a goal and self-care is not a reward.
  8. There is a difference between improving and perfecting.
  9. Stimulating your senses with what you find beautiful matters. (Music, movement, poetry, film, art, nature, etc.)
  10. You don’t need to plan too far into the future.
  11. Listening is a gift.
  12. The words we use set the stage and the stories we tell ourselves direct our lives.
  13. Everyone wants to be acknowledged and appreciated for what they do and loved and accepted for who they are.

My Thanks

I am indebted to each and every one of my clients. They are generous–willing to share their stories, try out strategies, and be honest about their trials. Our work together has informed the insights for further coaching and research. And, I have been able to share tools we developed through my writing and speaking.

I’m also grateful to my readers. Your feedback lets me know whether I’m on track. Your sharing helps me help other women.

Without a doubt, I have benefited the most from coaching smart women. During dark moments and unexpected disturbances in my life, I drew on their collective wisdom and experiences.

I look forward to many more years of sharing what I learn.

Thank you!