Where I got an unexpected boost back in my 20s: An Angry Little Girl

Ahh… the peace and quiet of my own room. [See photo below.]

Lela Lee

I used to think the only way to be was to be good…until I met an angry little girl who looked like me.

Like many Asian girls, I was expected to be a good daughter, good sister, and good student. And, I also knew I would be expected to be a good employee, good wife, and good mother.

In my 20s, I didn’t realize I even had any anger, let alone know that it was how understandable that I also felt rage.

But, then I stumbled upon Lela Lee’s comic strips. I don’t remember how I first came across them but I do remember how I felt. It was normal ok to be angry.

I thought, “Not only does Lela Lee feel the way I do, but she has other readers who feel the same too.” It was powerful to know I wasn’t alone.

Thankfully now, we can all get a big dose of Angry Little Girls in book form! (My daughters and I also own other merch too!)

And, now I also understand how important it is to acknowledge difficult emotions like anger. Burying them inside of you, avoiding or dismissing them is always a mistake. They will always catch up with you. They will start to seep out in ways that are not helpful to you or the ones you love.

We each need to let that angry little girl within ourselves exist. Moreover, we need to learn how to let her express herself, to kind people who know how to truly listen. Letting her out in a safe way is like setting up shock absorbers all around you to prevent you from having to deal with the pain alone.

I love this particular page in this book because sometimes we need to release our hurt and anger alone in our rooms.

angry little girl page

How do you release your angry little girl?

Knitting notes

I brought back some yellow…sorry maize and blue yarn from a recent trip; my husband was kind enough to take a detour so I could visit Kerry Woolen Mills. My daughter picked a pattern for her hat that involved colorwork, something that I’m usually not fond of doing. But, somehow this thin wool made knitting this Snowflake hat easier!

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