How to rely on your nunchi: It’s better than gut feelings

I’ve noticed, particularly in the workplace, that women tend to know what’s going on; they just don’t trust their judgment–at least in the West. In Korea, nunchi is not considered a uniquely “feminine” trait, and Korean women are unashamed of trusting their intuition

Euny Hong

Could there be something better than gut feelings? Or, more reliable than our intuition.

I recently heard that our instincts are not as dependable as we thing they are. In fact, there is research that suggests that certain conditions need to be met before you can rely on intuition.

Of course, I’ve also noticed that many smart people will second-guess themselves when they could be more confident in their wisdom–especially when it stems from experience and practice.

In The Power of Nunchi: The Korean Sixth Sense for Winning Friends and Influencing People*, Euny Hong describes a skill that Koreans admire: Nunchi.

As a child, when I wasn’t paying attention, I was scolded for not having it: “너, 눈치없냐?”

I would describe it as an intuitive ability to “read a room,” to be empathetic, and have “street smarts.” It requires social and emotional intelligence.

Sometimes when we are able to put a label on or name something ambiguous, we can deepen our understanding.

So, with this quote, I offer up “nunchi.” If you’ve got it, go flex it!

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