Bottle and Savor: A Good Question to Ask Yourself

What would you want to bottle and savor?

bottle and savor

This is a good question to ask yourself at the end of a vacation or season. Or, you can ask yourself this question at the end of a project, especially if you felt it was successful.

What would you bottle and savor?

More specifically …

  • What actions did you take to make the season/project/vacation successful?
  • What emotions or feelings did you have that you want to remember and capture? And, what prompted those sensations?
  • What were some of the key results?

Imagine putting that in a bottle so that you can open it up and remember it later. Then ask yourself…

  • How might you replicate these again?
  • What physical reminder can you make for yourself to trigger these again?

Some things you could try …

  • Write down what you could do to trigger these again and save it in a pretty jar or container. Or,
  • Keep a document on your computer or a note (or Evernote) on your phone.

Please let me know how these worked for you, or what suggestions you would make for others who want to bottle and savor their good actions and emotons.

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