Stacy's Book Notes

In Stacy’s Book Notes, I share the most relevant and helpful takeaways for smart and caring women from a variety of books–not just the ones you might expect.

I also add mention of my knitting or gardening just for fun.

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(Please note: I only write book notes for books I discover on my own or recommended by a client, student, newsletter subscriber or personal contact.)

having more time is not enough - Scarcity book and knitting

Understanding Scarcity: Why Simply Having More Time is Not Enough

growth mindset - Mindset book and knitting

3 Life Areas Where a Growth Mindset Can Help Smart Women Reach Higher Potential

same old rules- Talking Back to Facebook book and knitting

Same old rules: What still matters for kids and adults despite tech changes


7 Proven Ways for Smart Women to Leverage Small Progress for Blockbuster Growth

unhealthy boundaries - Set Boundaries book and knitting

2 Types of Unhealthy Boundaries that Hold Smart and Caring Women back

chasing desires - photo of the book Wanting with knitting

Careful what you wish for: 2 crucial mistakes we make when chasing desires

perspective-taking - Thinking 101 book and knitting

3 Dangers of perspective-taking for empaths: 1 Sure way to improve understanding

unlearn stories - Maybe You Should Talk and knitting

Unlearn stories you have on repeat and stop holding yourself you back

overwhelm and guilt of working parenthood - Work Parent Thrive book and knitting

Why you should rethink overwhelm and guilt of working parenthood