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perspective-taking - Thinking 101 book and knitting

3 Dangers of perspective-taking for empaths: 1 Sure way to improve understanding

unlearn stories - Maybe You Should Talk and knitting

Unlearn stories you have on repeat and stop holding yourself you back

overwhelm and guilt of working parenthood - Work Parent Thrive book and knitting

Why you should rethink overwhelm and guilt of working parenthood

Angry Little Girls book and knitting - angry little girl

Where I got an unexpected boost back in my 20s: An Angry Little Girl

the upside of money - happy money book and knitting

The Upside of Money: What happy money can do for you and your loved ones

Eric Barker's book with crochet hearts - align yourself with the right people

Feel like you’re barking up the wrong tree? Align yourself with the right people

warmth, sincerity and competence book and knitting / gardening

How to play the status game: Warmth, sincerity and competence

lying to yourself

Are you lying to yourself? Not all self-deception is bad

three times a week counts - Tranquility by Tuesday book and knitting

Want to build a habit? Three times a week counts [Stacy’s Book Note]

pursuing meaningful goals

Pursuing meaningful goals: A key ingredient in life and in stories

uncertainty is better; Christmas tree skirt and Art & Fear book

When uncertainty is better than certainty: Art and Fear

set more flexible goals

How to create more flexible goals: set your kill criteria