Good questions for thinking women

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Good questions help us gain new insights. When we articulate answers to open-ended queries, we clarify our thoughts and feelings. And, as we rearrange and organize what we’ve been thinking and feeling into words and phrases, we can see connections we might not have seen before.

good questions

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Here are some good questions you can ask yourself. I recommend using pen and paper to answer them. Whenever I can, I’ll provide a worksheet.

Ironically, these stem from how I respond to what others frequently ask of me. I don’t mean to be annoying to answer questions with more questions. It’s simply the best way to discover what is right for you. Moreover, it’s what I see that works in my coaching.

If you have a question for me, pleaseĀ submit them here.

It also helps to verbalize your answers with someone who will listen without judgment. If that’s something you’re looking for, consider talking to Stacy.