If you’re searching for work-life balance coaching, you’ll quickly find most suggestions disappointing. Some coaches will suggest obvious methods you’ve already tried, like “find flexible work” or “hire more caregiving support.” While others will widen the scope to focus on “well-being” or starting by reassessing your values.

At Life Junctions, we understand that so many smart and caring have been neglecting what they want to do because they are taking care of everyone else’s needs–at the office, in their communities, and at home. They have so many responsibilities they can’t focus on their ambitions or dreams. Sometimes they don’t even know what they want or have forgotten what brings them joy.

Our approach is different for two reasons:

  • We clarify what you want: “Work-life balance” isn’t what you desire. It’s something else that is far more motivating, like starting a business or non-profit, spending more time on hobbies or with loved ones, or finding a more meaningful career.
  • We don’t waste time or money: We don’t use assessment tools. We dive in, focusing first on targeted, easy baby steps grounded in research and building upon your existing talents.

What Clients say

“Working with Stacy, I learned that my happiness is up to me. I can’t rely on other people to make me feel happy. I need to find and pursue the things that make me happy. [She reminds me to] take small steps—don’t feel overwhelmed that you need to do everything at once.”

“Stacy helps me to take myself and my ambitions seriously—to break the habit of dismissing my strengths and my dreams, to combat perfectionism, and to take more joy in the process of creating the life I would like. I’ve learned that I am not really at or required to start at square one.”

“Stacy is so well-read. She is always sharing wisdom I would not get otherwise. It is like having someone filter much of the good information and selecting the thought, book, [or] idea that is just right for me… The end result is peace and calm I really need to keep navigating life.”

How work-life balance coaching works at Life Junctions

Life Junctions coaching works because it is…

  • Collaborative: We capitalize on our collective experience. You bring your expertise from your career and intimate knowledge of your personal life. I bring my experience working with other clients and years of researching work-family conflict and work-life balance.
  • Customized: We identify problems and find solutions specific to your unique mix of talents, resources, and preferences to make the process is fun, fast, and easy.
  • Strategic: The targeted actions you take are grounded in research and tested by my former clients, so you don’t waste time or effort.

During any given session, we might focus on …

  • Building your strengths, which is more creative and energizing than fixing weaknesses
  • Dispelling any beliefs or myths based on conventional advice that hold you back
  • Working through internal obstacles (e.g. procrastination, imposter syndrome, perfectionism)
  • Dealing with external obstacles (e.g. family and work obligations, difficult personalities)
  • Incorporating enjoyable activities and rest that fuel and nurture you

The “Side-Effects” of Work-Life Balance Coaching at Life Junctions

Regardless of what your goals are, you’re likely to gain some extra benefits along the way:

work-life balance coaching - building confidence

Lasting and Authentic Confidence

Whether you’re trying to showcase your talents in a pitch or presentation, advance in your career, or try something new, self-doubt will always creep in. Stacy can help you overcome imposter syndrome.

work-life balance coaching - time management tweaks

Easy Time Management Tweaks

Reclaim time and energy to focus on your priorities. Work with Stacy to incorporate easy tweaks that help you do more of the things that are meaningful to you and less of the things that drain you.

work-life balance coaching - find direction

Getting Unstuck
and Finding Joy

We get stuck on the things that are most important to us. Stop procrastinating and learn frameworks that help you start new endeavors or make big changes even when you are uncertain what you want.

Next Steps

If you’re interested, in seeing if coaching is the right investment for you at this time, please book a call today.