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Go from being stuck to having career clarity. Learn how to use The Lighthouse Method to find more meaningful work…even if you don’t have time.

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Reclaim your time every day masterclass on Maven

Reclaim Your Time

Stop feeling like you never have enough time. Create space for what’s important to YOU. Move from guilt and burnout to more confidence and satisfaction

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The Lighthouse Moon Society

Gather with like-minded women. Learn and support one another on evenings of the full moon.

Membership is currently free but limited to current students and alumni of The Lighthouse Method course and verified purchasers of the eBooklet.

Saturday, June 3
8 pm ET / 5 pm PT

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3 Surprising Life Hacks for Working Mothers

Conventional advice doesn’t always apply to working moms and societal expectations of mothers can sometimes be a burden. In this webinar, Dr. Stacy Kim will share three out-of-the-box strategies proven to save time, give you more confidence and calmness, and relieve stress at work and at home.

Online workshop sponsored by the Georgetown University Alumni Association

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Procrastination, Postponing, and Perfectionism: How to Get Unstuck

It never feels good to be stuck in your career. Yet, doing something about it can feel daunting, especially when you already have enough on your plate. Depending on how you’re stuck, you might need different tactics. Stacy shares common pitfalls that smart and talented individuals need to avoid and provides easy tweaks and baby steps to prevent you from putting off your job search or career development goals.

Online workshop sponsored by the Penn Alumni Lifelong Learning and Career Services

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Four Tiny Things You Can Do Now for Your Career Tomorrow

A career change can feel so daunting, it’s easy to push it off to later. But, there are quick, helpful things you can do now that will pay off later.

Online workshop sponsored by the Georgetown University Alumni Association

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