Get Out of a Funk Now: Keep Some Images of Nature

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keep some images of nature

Nearly all of us have smartphones with amazing cameras built into them. We’ve grown accustomed to taking photos and sharing them. But, here I suggest being a little selfish. I recommend nurturing yourself with a bit of nature. And, I am pretty sure it will help you get out of a funk.

Why nature photos can help

There is a lot of research about the benefits of being in nature. I was reminded of this as I wrote my recent book note on Chatter. Dr. Ethan Kross details how even looking at a photo of nature that captures our attention or mesmerizes us can recharge our brain’s ability to focus.

When we feel awe, it widens our world and broadens our perspectives which helps to calm our minds. We are able to shrink the problems we face (to a certain degree).

How to keep some images of nature

Make this simple. Don’t overthink or overdo.

On the next nice day, go out for a walk. Take just one to three photos of nature that catch your eye. Simply being on the lookout for something natural in and of itself is a wonderful mini-escape.

Once you have a photo you like (it does not need to be a masterpiece!), print it out. Many chain drugstores offer ways to print out photos directly from your smartphone. Simply google your neighborhood store with “print photo from phone.”

Another idea is to put the phone on the desktop of your computer. (Here are instructions on how to do this for a Mac and how to do it for Windows). You could also put it on the home screen of your iPhone or Android.

Next, repeat this process and keep adding to your collection of images.

But, most importantly, look at them. Enjoy them.

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