You have probably landed on this page because you were looking for old knitting-related content that no longer exists on this website. My apologies.

You can find some of my knitting related stuff on (username: sskeins). If you are a knitter, you can connect with me there.

In case, you’re curious, a few facts about my knitting life:

  • I love to knit. I learned how when I was in the 5th grade. Since then, aside from a few crazy-busy time periods in my life (e.g. grad school, becoming a parent), I haven’t stopped. That is, I have several unfinished objects (UFOs) being worked on at once.
  • When I was struggling to get pregnant, I started a knitting blog called, SskeinS.
  • For many years, I ran a charity knitting group that was co-sponsored by my company, Life Junctions, and East Side West Side Music Together.