The Lighthouse Method®

The Lighthouse Method® is a step-by-step process many talented, caring, and busy people have used to get unstuck and finally figure out what to do with their lives.

The best part about The Lighthouse Method is that

How it came to be

When I first started coaching clients in 2008, my plan was to help moms with parenting. My first clients, however, were wonderful moms who didn’t need any more parenting advice. They had successful careers, but they were unhappy. They knew something was missing in their lives and had tried to get unstuck on their own.

Those early clients were candid and shared how they were feeling. Through the coaching process, we agreed that the best place to start was to first lift their moods and begin by doing something small and enjoyable–something of their own that didn’t necessarily lead to anything but lift their mood.

Starting at that unlikely place helped them move forward and discover how to build on what they already had.

As I coached more women, I noticed patterns. Reviewing available research, it made sense why certain things worked while others didn’t. Thanks to the experience I gained working with my clients, I came up with The Lighthouse Method.

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What is The Lighthouse Method?

Most talented and conscientious women tend to believe they should first analyze all of the options, set goals, and have a plan before diving into something new. Others believe they need to uncover their “passion” in order to be happy or successful in life.

Both beliefs can block you and keep you stuck. What works instead is the opposite, to stop thinking and planning.

Imagine it’s dark and all you see is the glimmer of the light of a lighthouse far away. You don’t know where it is, or what it looks like. In order to get there, you can’t draw a map. You have to get in your boat, aim toward the beacon light, and row.

The eBooklet

In 2015, I wrote a long-form article and published it as an eBooklet, a resource guide.

The Lighthouse Method®

This short eBook provides a step-by-step process to get unstuck and figure out what you want to do…with ease and joy. You’ll learn…

  • Why and how smart women get stuck
  • How to stop ruminating and overcome self-doubt
  • Where to begin to build momentum

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Here are two excerpts from the eBooklet:

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Download the flowchart that illustrates the different components of The Lighthouse Method.

The Feature Article

A couple of years later, a good friend who believed in The Lighthouse Method helped me pitch an article to one of my favorite magazines. As a result, REAL SIMPLE magazine featured The Lighthouse Method in its January 2018 issue.

My editor, Elizabeth Sile asked me questions that clarified my thinking. I also learned more about the method from interviewing my clients. As a result, the article showcased how The Lighthouse Method helped three amazing women in different circumstances–and not just moms.

Illustration of woman in a boat heading toward a lighthouse by lam

Why You Need to Try The Lighthouse Method®

Real Simple, January 2018 issue

Read the Business Insider article on The Lighthouse Method.

The Lighthouse Method Course

The Real Simple article brought me even more clients, and as I worked with them, I learned even more.

To share all of the ideas in a comprehensive yet affordable way, I launched The Lighthouse Method course. It was designed to fit into busy schedules with short video lessons, worksheets, and easy-to-do homework.

When you’re busy or taking care of everyone else’s needs, it’s hard to focus on your own priorities. Whether you long to change careers or start painting again, whether you want more time for important relationships or launch a new business, it isn’t easy.

Designed for smart and caring people short on time, this self-study course shows you why conventional advice hasn’t been helping you and what to do instead.

With short video lessons and easy worksheets, you’ll master The Lighthouse Method®. By spending just 1 hour per week for 4 weeks, you’ll learn to reclaim time, remove self-doubt, and rediscover what brings you joy.

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Your turn

You can read about The Lighthouse Method, but the best part is putting it into action. So, get in your boat, aim it toward a lighthouse, and row.

If you have trouble, take the course.

I’d love to hear how it works out for you!