Kind Words from Clients

Below are kind words from clients…testimonials of Stacy’s coaching. To read, what speaking clients and audiences have to say about Stacy’s talks and workshops, click here.

“Working with Stacy has been life-changing for me. I began our sessions knowing I needed more balance in my life but was unsure of what I actually wanted or how to achieve it. From the very first session, Stacy’s empathy and extensive training in the field were apparent. Most impressively, she was able to zero in on what I needed to do for myself at that moment and suggest small, tangible steps to take before the next session. It is amazing what just these small, concrete steps did to immediately improve my outlook on life! After working with Stacy, I was able to make a career change from one in which all parts of life had been stressful to one in which I am now enjoying all aspects of life! Also, I cannot overstate how beneficial working with Stacy was for my marriage. Because of Stacy’s support, my husband did not feel like he had to problem-solve for me during my time of transition, and our family was happier as a result!” — V.G.

“When we began working together, I wanted help to complete one specific project, but after just three months, I am amazed by how much I have grown in my career and personal life. I can’t thank you enough!” — S.M.

What Clients Learned

“Stacy taught me to focus on what’s working and reduce the ‘noise.’ I learned my own worst enemy is myself. Reprogramming my voice to be more positive and accepting goes a long way. What a difference it has made to learn to let myself off the hook.” — M.H.

“Working with Stacy, I learned that my happiness is up to me. I can’t rely on other people to make me feel happy. I need to find and pursue the things that make me happy. [She reminds me to] take small steps — don’t feel overwhelmed that you need to do everything at once. Focus on your strengths.” — J.K.

“Stacy is so well read. She is always sharing wisdom I would not get otherwise. It is like having someone filtering much of the good information that is out there and selecting the thought, book, [or] idea that is just right for me. … She has helped me to sift through the clutter of my life and my thoughts and root me in what is important. The end result is a peace and calm that I really need to keep navigating life.” — C.A.

How Stacy Helps

“Stacy helps me to take myself and my ambitions seriously —to break the habit of dismissing my strengths and my dreams, to combat perfectionism, and to take more joy in the process of creating the life I would like. I’ve learned that I am not really at or required to start at square one. I am in many cases much clearer about what I want and much closer to having what I need to progress. It’s OK to proceed as a work in progress… To experiment without waiting for everything to be “perfect” before I begin.” — M.S.

“Stacy helps me to take deep breaths and break down overwhelming projects into manageable, doable steps. As a working mother with a lot on my plate, [I feel] this process … as simple as it may seem … has been extremely valuable.” — R.S.

“I want to thank you for all your help. Many of your phrases and your encouragement to stay positive run through my head all the time. Our work together has helped me navigate the first vital months of adjusting to life with two children. I look forward to being back in touch when I’m ready to navigate my next chapter.” — S.J.

Kind words from clients about Stacy’s approach

“Stacy is a caring and thoughtful coach. Her empathetic, accepting manner allowed me to explore many of my values, goals, and drivers, which I didn’t even know were there! I always look forward to working with her each week. I always self-discover, learn something new, and move forward on projects. Our work together was very productive and directed and assisted in my accomplishing many projects that I would have put off without her. I recommend Stacy to anyone who wants to grow personally, professionally, and spiritually.” — R.P.

“Stacy is an insightful listener who hears the question behind the question. She offers heartfelt support and wisdom to her clients, enabling them to move powerfully toward their goals!” — R.R.

“Stacy is a caring, compassionate, and intelligent coach. She has extensive knowledge of her field, which makes her an excellent choice for moms who are looking for guidance from an experienced professional.” — E.G.

To read more of what speaking clients and audiences have to say about Stacy’s talks and workshops, click here.

Photo by Jess Bailey