You In The Spotlight: Reflect on YOUR Career

When was the last time you took some time to reflect on your career?

Time and time again, I hear, “I’m so busy. I don’t have even have time to think!”

reflect on your career
(c) / MarkoHeinrich

But, that’s assuming that the reflection will be onerous or time-consuming. It doesn’t have to be. And, the process is well worth it.

When Ellevate Network put me in the spotlight, they posed some questions that were quite thought-provoking. Responding to those questions forced me to reflect on my career and consider notions of “success.” It was a good exercise.

So take this moment now, to put yourself in the spotlight. Simply answer these questions? Don’t think too hard. Quickly jot down what comes time mind. Edit later.

What are you currently focused on at home and in your career?

Thinking about your home life and your career, what has been the biggest challenge to date?

What was your biggest breakthrough moment?

Finish this sentence, “I knew I had ‘made it’ when…” (Or, “I find I feel most successful when…”)

If you could go back and talk to our younger self, what advice would you give?

What’s your secret to success? (Or, what are you really good at?)

And, if after you’ve done this, you’d like to reflect more deeply, send me your responses and book a call with me today.