Searching for your purpose or calling? Grow into your true self instead

People who are dissatisfied with their jobs often try searching for a purpose or calling. They don’t realize that searching for it or planning for it doesn’t work.

When I was unhappy at my job (and trying to get pregnant), I bought a lot of books on finding the right career. One of them was What Should I Do With My Life? The True Story of People Who Answered The Ultimate Question by Po Bronson. I don’t think I read the book cover to cover, I skimmed and read different stories that caught my eye. But, I do find myself returning to the introduction and conclusions where he summarizes what he learned.

In a nutshell, he found through his interviews what I uncovered as I coached my clients: You can’t think up a calling or a passion. You can’t research your purpose or plan out your life. You discover these as you live out your life. In his words…

You don’t find your purpose above the neck, you find it below the neck, when you’re transformed by what you have witnessed.

So instead of searching for your purpose or calling, try doing something that rings true to you. (You can also try The Lighthouse Method.)

Knitting Notes

I finally finished the purse stitch scarf in the car during our family’s road trip to drop off our older daughter at college. It has quite a few more mistakes than I’d like but as knitters know that’s a good thing.

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