Shove aside the awkwardness: The Power of Regret

When [meaningful] relationships come apart,… we overestimate how awkward we’ll feel and underestimate how much others will welcome our overtures…. Shove aside the awkwardness.

Daniel Pink

I am a huge fan of Daniel Pink. His non-fiction books not only contain stories well told but provide evidence well sifted. He provides just enough of the right evidence to back up his practical advice. I devoured his latest, The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward in less than a day.

This quote is just one of many I could have picked. I selected it because women I have heard many women regret friendships with other women that were either neglected by the busyness of career and/or family or perhaps because of a slight or a misunderstanding.

I hope you might reconsider and shove aside the awkwardness to mend a relationship.

Crochet Notes

This unfinished blanket used to represent two of my regrets. I didn’t finish it in time to give it to my grandmother, the intended recipient. Then, years later when I was pregnant with my first, a group of knitting friends came over one night and helped me stitch together all of the loose squares. We hoped it could become a baby blanket. But, I never got around to weaving in the ends or crocheting the three-row border. That firstborn is now heading to college this fall.

Recently, I decided not to feel guilty about not finishing it. Rather than regret the gift, I’m enjoying the throw as is and working on it when I feel like it. I managed to crochet a much simpler border. Every now and then, I’ll weave in a few of the many loose ends that still remain. It is free from the confines of a box in my closet and adds comfort and color to the TV chair in my bedroom.

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