Another reason to take a time out to make friends a priority

We establish many positive relationships for our children through the healthy, loving connections we make…. We not only model what it means to be a good friend…our children develop a sense of community.

Susan Callahan, Anne Nolen & Katrin Schumann

You probably already know it is important to take time out to make friends a priority. But, this book, Mothers Need Time-Outs, Too by Susan Callahan, Anne Nolen, and Katrin Schumann reminded me of another very good reason. It helps our kids learn about friendships and benefit from being in a community of love.

This book helped me when my daughters were toddlers. It gave me permission to stop being so perfectionistic, trying to do everything for my children. It made me realize that being a parent does not have to be a lonely endeavor. And, that taking breaks made me a happier mom.

Developing friends in adulthood takes time, and risks too. But, it is time well spent and a good investment.

Gardening notes

When the weather gets warmer, I garden more and knit less. So, my book notes will reflect this change in season. Here, I snapped a photo of perilla cuttings I am giving a good friend. Taking these seedlings out of my planter not only allows me to share but also gives the remaining plants more room to grow. Plus, it makes me feel and my friend feel great.

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