Moms having it all and asking for help [VIDEO]

Moms having it all? Um, not so fast.

The Moms with Denise & Melissa” invited Stacy to be their expert guest on their Sirus XM Radio show.

Interestingly, it was not just a radio show, it was a special in-studio show with video. The audience were “bloghers” who had lots of good thoughts on motherhood.

Check out their conversation and how Stacy proposed instead to think about “what’s right for me.”

Melissa’s husband didn’t like that she frequently asked other moms to help with pick-ups. She asked Stacy what she thought. And, an interesting conversation ensued about how moms should ask for help, shouldn’t feel guilty about it, and can have some unexpected benefits from it:

This was a short appearance, so be sure to check out Stacy’s webinar videos, too:

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