The right reasons: How to want to be successful

If you want to succeed because you enjoy adulation and praise…you will never really win because the fear of failure will always be lurking around the next corner.

Cal Newport

At the end of this college advice book, there is a key to finding the right reasons to want to be successful.

Shortly after my older daughter decided which college she would attend, she asked me to buy her a copy of the one Cal Newport book we did not yet own, How to Win at College. While my family has forbidden me to quote from him at meals, they do understand why I’m such a fan.

I admit that of his books, this one is my least favorite. For visitors to this website, my clients, and newsletter subscribers, I would probably recommend one of his other titles.

Still, this quote is a helpful reminder for not only college students but for us all. He goes on to say…

If you want to succeed because you love the excitement of pushing your potential and exploring your world and new experiences, if you want to succeed because life is short and why not fill it with as much activity as possible, then you will win.

In other words, the right path to success, or how you might want to be successful, is not to focus on how others will perceive you but to pay attention to how you grow and what your activities are.

Gardening Notes

One of my favorite vegetables is baby bok choy. After a failed attempt last year, I am delighted to show off how well it has done this year.

For a quick and yummy mean, I will chop it up and add it during the last minute of boiling fresh (or frozen) Sun Ramen noodles* (The miso flavor is our family favorite). I’ll drain and rinse it with the noodles. Then, simply pour over the instant soup and sprinkle some Shichimi Togarashi*. Let me know if you ever try this.

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