So, you think you’re in control?

It helps to resign as the controller of your fate. All that energy we expend to keep things running right is not what’s keeping things running right.

Anne Lamott

You think you’re in control. Then life happens.

I love reading about writing. Because when authors talk about writing, they reveal lessons about life. Bird by bird: Some instructions on writing and life by Anne Lamott is a wonderful example.

More quotes about not being in control

Another quote along the same theme:

If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans.

Oh, I can’t help but give you one more:

Acceptance…is something we’re not taught to do. We’re taught to imporve uncomfortable situations, to change things, alleviate unpleasant feelings. But if you accept the reality that you have been given–that you are not in a productive creative period–you free yorself to begin filling up again.

How might you think you’re in control? How might you resign? Or accept?

Knitting notes

I posted a photo of this a couple of months ago. Given that this PurlSoho’s Sideways Garter Vest is just a bigger rectangle, you can’t see the progress I’ve made. I hope I can finish it before the weather gets too warm.

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